- Lasers in Medicine, Biology and Environmental

- Laser technologies in Transport

- Images and signals analysis and processing systems.

- Computer technologies in Medicine, Biology, Environmental and Transport

- Nanotechnology in Medicine and Biology

- Geo-technologies

- Technosphere Safety

- Environmental monitoring


The optical instruments desktop exhibition will be organized at the Conference including lasers and photonics and mechanics productions.

The information posters of some laser laboratories activity will be presented and special literature exhibition will be organized too.

The previous conferences proceedings have been published in Proceedings of SPIE, Volumes 4316, 4680, 5066, 5381, 5447, 6251, 6594, 7006 and Lasers. Measurements. Information. 2009 special four volumes edition and Lasers. Measurements. Information. 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 special three volumes edition.